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Dom Rosa Millésimé by Liquides Imaginaires Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Dom Rosa Millésimé by Liquides Imaginaires Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Wednesday, March 1, 2023 / Editor    

Dubai, March 1, 2023:  The fragrance house Liquides Imaginaires celebrates the 10 year anniversary of its bestselling scent, Dom Rosa Millésimé with exclusive anniversary packaging and a higher juice concentration. 

Dom Rosa Millésimé is a distinct floral fragrance signalling romance, mystique and intoxication - a scent for pleasure seekers. The name of the scent, Dom Rosa Millésimé, comes from an old tradition of French Monks in the Burgundy region. The monks would plant rose bushes near their vineyards so that the roses would be able to detect diseases before the vines did. Thus, the roses and their beauty would be sacrificed in order to keep the vineyards thriving. 

Dom stands for the connection to Dom Perignon and it being a prestigious Cuvée - the elite batch. Rosa refers to the flower of the rose - with Damasc rose one of the heart notes of the scent. Millésimé is a word borrowed from the wine industry, symbolising a vintage wine - referring to the particular year and place from which the quality of wine was superb. 

Overall, Dom Rosa is a romantic, enchanting scent with a bubbly yet sensitive character. With luxurious notes of a bubbling Champagne accord, Grapefruit and Pear accord. Accompanied by playful Damasc rose, Clove, Incense and with a deep woody accord of Cedarwood, Vetiver and Gaïac Wood. These complex, elegant notes come together to create a vibrant fragrance that is floral, sparkling and fruity. A scent designed to exude passion and beauty in all its forms. 

Dom Rosa Millésimé 

Dom Rosa Millésimé is romantic. Intoxication of festive pleasures. Bubbly, sensitive character. Sometimes a victim of love.

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