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Glow Up This Festive Season With -417

Glow Up This Festive Season With -417

Tuesday, December 7, 2021 / Editor    
- An exclusive line of vegan and cruelty-free skincare centering around uncommon beauty sensations is here to the rescue this festive season!
- Transforming the ancient natural beauty secrets of the Dead Sea into modern result-driven skincare
December 07, 2021:  The festive season is nearing. While the skin goes through multiple layers of makeup and endless products to keep that glow game strong – it’s also essential to treat it with the right ingredients and moisturisers – overall a good, effective, and hassle-free skincare routine. 
But fear not, -417 (Minus 417), the ultimate in premium natural skincare, is here to support you with all your pre-and post-party skin care needs this festive season! Packed with essence of Dead Sea minerals, each mineral is proven to combat multiple skin concerns and leave you with a glow so real and good, you’ll be ready to face the season, every day.  Newly launched in the Middle East, -417 (Minus 417) combines modern luxe skincare with ancient natural active ingredients sourced from the Dead Sea to promote flawless skin.
Indulge in a range of best-sellers including the Radiant Intense Cream, packed with plant extracts such as Rose Canina Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and powerful dead sea water and minerals along with 60 Second Miracle Lifting Mask and Firming Radiant Mud Mask that is packed with the soothing and calming effects of red and white clays to give you renewed and healthy skin all week long!
Founded by Moty Fridman, -417 is made from a precious mineral complex and natural active components like moisture-balancing minerals from the Dead Sea, energizing vitamins and unique plant extracts, designed to regenerate skin cells and help prevent signs of ageing.  With unique healing properties, the Dead Sea contains 10 times more salts and minerals than any other sea or ocean, and is well known for its therapeutic benefits on the circulatory system and bones. 
If you’re looking to gift your loved ones or gal-pals with a skincare experience like no other, lookout for the brand’s Time Control – The Perfect Eye Set along with Pampering Treatment Set for hands and feet moisturising cream to keep them hydrated and glowing for the month ahead!
-417’s internationally best-selling products are vegan, naturally sourced, 100% recyclable, and are packed with beneficial ingredients for a spa-like experience. 
Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
AED 315  
60 Second Miracle Lifting Mask
AED 378
Beauty Miracle Sleeping Cream
AED 315  
Time Reversal Night Facial Serum 
AED 441
Instant Recovery Mud Mask
AED 477  
Time Control – The Perfect Eye Set – AED 494
Mineral Infusion Hydrating Toner
AED 116  
My Dead Sea Spa Duo Moisturizers
AED 179
-417 is available at FACES UAE Stores in Yas Mall and Springs Souk as well as the Jumeirah mall -417 Experience Podium.

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