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The House of Creed is Delighted to Present Millésime Impérial

The House of Creed is Delighted to Present Millésime Impérial

Monday, April 10, 2023 / Editor    

a scent that represents the strength of light with the allure of a silhouette.

Millésime Impérial – available now in-store and online. For 50ML of this product, the fragrance retails at 1005 AED. For 100ML the fragrance retails at 1301 AED.


Millésime Impérial, encased in an iconic gold bottle, is a fresh, stylish, and elegant fragrance that sparkles with richly layered streams, showcasing a modern golden hue. Citrus notes of bergamot, fruity blackcurrant and refreshing violet leaves are complemented by perfectly balanced iris and marine accords and a woody base of cedarwood, sandalwood and musk.

Inspired by the rise and fall of the sun, Creed celebrates this fragrance which takes you effortlessly from day to night. The campaign, captured by photographer Richard Foster, fused the movement of the sun with a modern Icarus; an homage to artists such as James Turrell and Olafur Eliasson. The Gold labyrinthine set was filled with celestial rays from one end, creating a burst of light and deep duotone shadows. The set transformed into a landscape that bathed the dancer in light, a fine mist permeated the space, creeping in from the environment outside. Contemporary dancer Joshua Jason and choreographer Katya Bourvis imagined a dance that conveyed the passing of time that was both urban and an ode to the setting sun.

A flow of movement combats through a lighted silhouette. A modern sequence that twists and turns with sophisticated flare, a refraction of light mirroring its movement.

Bergamot, Blackcurrant & Violet Leaves

Orris & Salty Marine Accord

Cedarwood, Musk & Sandalwood

The design of the gold bottle is a reflection of a fond memory in Olivier Creed’s life. As he was sitting with a friend, he noticed that he was drinking from a hip flask and thus was inspired to create his iconic bottle shape.

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