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KAMIRA – A Skin to Soul Experience

KAMIRA – A Skin to Soul Experience

Wednesday, January 4, 2023 / Editor    

Be the light of the moon and glow from within
Dubai, 04 January 2023: Backed by years of innovation and the most effective and potent solutions crafted by highly specialised Korean cosmetologists, KAMIRA brings its wondrous skincare to Dubai. KAMIRA, meaning beauty of the moon, takes inspiration from the moon and its majestic forms to help you transform your skin and soul and rejuvenate your mind and body. KAMIRA’s ethos stays in empowerment through skincare rooted firmly in the belief that beautiful skin comes from within. The brand has devoted its resources to finding the most effective and revolutionary skincare potions to stay young and healthy. With leading dermatologists, cosmetologists, and scientific professionals at the helm of the brand, the brand assures the highest quality of formulations manufactured in South Korea using superior ingredients and keeping in mind everyone’s skin requirements. Since Cleopatra’s era, gold and caviar have been her signature products to maintain her youthful glow. Today, KAMIRA brings back the unique potency and magic of these key elements in their luxurious and aesthetically pleasing Gold & Caviar collection. The ingredients’ strength lies in their ability to penetrate the epidermis on a cellular level thus boosting healthy skin cell turnover. The brand’s ethos pays homage to the beauty of the moon that symbolises the purification of the soul and the skin from within. The KAMIRA Gold & Caviar line up is your ultimate water-based 3-step skin care routine for a flawless complexion that radiates from within. The serum’s incredibly light texture and highly concentrated nourishing ingredients are first applied followed by the cream, to intensely hydrate the skin and lock in all the nutrients from the serum. The eye cream is uniquely designed for the delicate skin around the eyes and is applied lightly in a dabbing motion. 

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