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Feel Rejuvenated this Winter at Legend Spa

Feel Rejuvenated this Winter at Legend Spa

Wednesday, December 28, 2022 / Editor    
Dubai, UAE:  While we still get to enjoy some winter sun, the change in weather can have a significant impact on our skin. Leading UAE homegrown salon, Legend Beauty & Spa Centre, shares its most in-demand treatments for the winter season!
1) Maderotherapy (Wood Massage)
This new treatment by Legend Spa has become a fast favourite, as it aims to improve overall health through stimulation of the lymphatic drainage system that helps to get rid of toxins. The holistic massage technique uses anatomically wooden instruments with targeted pressure on problem areas. With this deeper form of massage, circulation can be improved, and over time, the treatment aims to help with the appearance of cellulite through a non-invasive approach. The treatment is recommended one to two times a week, in order to see the best results.
2) Herbal Moroccan Bath
Feel instantly refreshed and rejuvenated this winter with the signature Legend Spa Herbal Moroccan Bath. After a detoxifying process to help remove dead skin, the treatment uses a deep cleansing mask and a mix of lavender, rose herbs and essences to help brighten and hydrate the skin. Enjoy all of the unique steps of this special treatment, and relax in a tranquil spa atmosphere.
3) Footlogix Pedicure Treatment
The winter can cause added dryness to the skin, and its important to protect and prevent additional moisture loss. In order to avoid or improve dry skin foot problems, the Footlogix pedicure treatment uses a range of products that contain ingredients to help create a protective layer that retains moisture and delivers long-lasting hydration to severely dry feet. Providing an instant softening for calluses, toenails and cuticles, the treatment is non-aggressive to the skin and uses transformational products from the popular foot care brand, Footlogix.
Legend Beauty & Spa Centre offers all of the essential salon services, as well as a variety of premium ones to choose from. Conveniently located in Al Wasl Square, Dubai, Legend Beauty
& Spa Centre has been pampering women for two decades, and ensures every visit is legendary!

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