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Favourite Summer Treatments at Legend Spa

Favourite Summer Treatments at Legend Spa

Tuesday, May 31, 2022 / Editor    
Dubai, UAE:  Leading UAE homegrown salon, Legend Beauty & Spa Centre, shares its top four treatments to enjoy this summer! With the heat and humidity on the rise, its important to keep your hair and skin hydrated and healthy, and with a little ‘TLC’ from some of the salon’s most popular treatments, you can achieve that summertime glow! 
1) Jarjir & Aloe Vera Organic Hair Treatment 
An ultimate Legend Spa customer favourite, this natural treatment uses fresh ingredients to nourish and strengthen the hair. The heat and exposure to the sun can also have severely dehydrate the scalp, and thanks to the natural hero ingredients of Jarjir & Aloe Vera, the treatment reduces buildups and irritation, while promoting hair shine and growth. 
2) Legend Spa Herbal Moroccan Bath 
Providing the ultimate spa experience, the Herbal Moroccan Bath promises silky smooth skin that feels renewed and refreshed. The treatment begins with a body scrub, and is followed with a special herbal moisturising mask made up of lavender, rose, henna and mud. The Legend Spa expert therapists guide you through the multiple steps, which also includes some relaxation time in a steam room in the tranquil dedicated spa area within the salon. 
3) Skeyndor Power Oxygen Facial 
Featuring products from one of the leading scientific cosmetics brand – Skeyndor – the Power Oxygen Facial works to protect your skin from environmental pollution and provides a direct supply of oxygen to the skin throughout the treatment. Your skin will feel revived, healthier and cleansed of toxins. 
4) Footlogix Pedicure Treatment 
The feeling of that fresh pedicure is enhanced even further with the effective Footlogix Pedicure Treatment at Legend Spa, especially if you are looking for a solution to cracked heels or skin dehydration. Providing an instant softening for calluses, toenails and cuticles, the treatment is non-aggressive to the skin and uses transformational products from the popular foot care brand, Footlogix. 
Legend Beauty & Spa Centre offers all of the essential salon services, as well as a variety of premium ones to choose from. Conveniently located in Al Wasl Square, Dubai, Legend Beauty & Spa Centre has been pampering women for two decades, and ensures every visit is legendary! 

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