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Take Your Morning Skincare Routine to the Next Level with Foreo

Take Your Morning Skincare Routine to the Next Level with Foreo

Monday, March 28, 2022 / Editor    

The difference between your a.m. and p.m. skincare routines is like day and night — literally. When it comes to your morning skincare routine, the focus should be on getting your skin ready for the day ahead. With Swedish beauty-tech brand FOREO, there’s no need to set your alarm early just to factor in enough time for your a.m. skincare routine. The brand’s award-winning product lineup delivers results in minimal time and is effective, making your mornings easier and keeping you glowing all day long.

LUNA 3 - AED 950 

Start your morning by cleansing your skin with LUNA 3 to clear away dirt, oil, and bacteria that's built up on your face overnight. The beauty-tech device is made entirely out of super-hygienic silicone to deliver a deep yet gentle cleanse. LUNA 3 comes in three different varieties to suit different skin types and keep your skin looking clean and fresh a.m. to p.m.

BEAR - AED 1350

Start your day with a tightened and brighten complexion with BEAR, the perfect solution to de-puff morning face. The microcurrent device sculpts and contours facial muscles for a non-invasive facelift, in just 90 seconds. With consistent use, the anti-aging device also improves the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles to achieve a radiant glow to last all day.

UFO 2 - AED 1300

Who has the time for applying the sheet mask in the morning? UFO 2 can deliver a pampering spa experience with the ultra relaxing treatment in just 2 minutes! Start every morning on a peaceful note with the smart mask device full facial treatment which combines LED lights, cryotherapy, thermotherapy, T-Sonic pulsations and smart sheet masks for nourished skin to improve overall skin texture and tone for a fresh morning.

Make My Day Mask - AED 115

Formulated specifically for the morning, the Make My Day Mask is the perfect way to start the day. With a luxurious formula of red algae and hyaluronic acid, hydrate your complexion and build a skin barrier to give yourself exactly what you need in the a.m. 

FOREO is available on Sephora,,, and

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