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Iris Malika: the Scent for this Winter

Iris Malika: the Scent for this Winter

Monday, December 12, 2022 / Editor    

December 12, 2022:  When it comes to the best winter fragrances and perfumes, we lean towards scents that are comforting, make you feel cosy and help you enter a wintery bliss evoking happy memories and Iris Malika from the house Chopard will do that for you.

Designed to gently awaken your senses the fragrance opens with a wild berry accord, vibrant spices such as pink pepper and cinnamon and then finally, the heart reveals a strong iris concreate and a woody note making the perfume tenacious and long lasting on your skin perfect for facing the winter months.
Iris Malika’s notes are combined in a unique way,  resulting in a creation so voluptuous, flavourful, and reassuring like no other.  An extraordinary concoction delivering French perfumery enveloped in all the sensuality of the Middle East celebrating the best of both worlds.

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