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POMONE Paris: The Apple and its Powerful Cosmetic Properties to be Presented at Beautyworld Middle East

POMONE Paris: The Apple and its Powerful Cosmetic Properties to be Presented at Beautyworld Middle East

Friday, October 21, 2022 / Editor    

POMONE Paris, the cosmetic brand that harnesses the power of the apple, will be in Dubai from 31 October to 2 November 2022. The company will showcase its expertise at stand S2 E45 in the French Pavilion. Visitors will have a chance to discover a range of premium cosmetic products made in France and fully committed to clean beauty.

POMONE Paris is a French company specialising in high-end, apple-based cosmetics. This mythical fruit contains a wealth of powerful cosmetic ingredients that enhance the skin's beauty. The apple's properties have been recognised since ancient times, with their effects first catalogued in the 16th century by Julien le Paulmier, physician of the French king Henry III. POMONE products are sophisticated adaptations of the original ointment – an apple-based concoction to accelerate healing for wounds.

POMONE Paris offers a comprehensive range of skin care products, including serum, day/night cream, spray mist, eye serum, foaming cream cleanser/make-up remover and a cream mask. The products are also available in a boxed set so that you can effortlessly establish a beauty routine that fits your needs.

Active substances and ingredients 
Amongst their many components, apples contain particularly powerful compounds apt for high-quality skin care: Polyphenols are found in abundance and have remarkable antioxidant properties which delay the ageing of the skin. Isoquercetin from apples is known for its ability to activate sirtuins, effectively combating the loss of skin elasticity.
Apple seed oil is a rare ingredient with powerful benefits. It prevents dryness, illuminates the complexion, and nourishes and revitalises the skin.
Fine apple powder provides ultra-gentle exfoliation while giving POMONE's skin care products texture.

The amino acid derivative in apples allows for gentle cleansing and make-up removal. This ingredient gives body to foams without removing lipids, respecting the skin barrier and the fragility of the eye area.

Lastly, apple water invigorates the skin while infusing it with minerals and mineral salts. This ingredient also serves as a catalyst , making the active substances in POMONE cosmetic formulas more effective.

A brand committed to ethical and responsible beauty
POMONE Paris is committed to offering formulas at the cutting edge of cosmetic technology while respecting multiple values. The company provides exceptional natural and vegan formulas in accordance with the principles of clean beauty and in strict compliance with the codes of luxury. Respect for biodiversity is one of the brand's core values. All the ingredients come from Normandy, France, with priority given to those labelled organic. As a result of its commitments, POMONE helps preserve biodiversity by extracting cosmetically beneficial compounds from food processing by-products, such as cider pomace. POMONE Paris therefore guarantees high-quality, clean, and 100% made in France cosmetics. 

A local brand with deep roots
POMONE Paris echoes the name of the goddess Pomona, who rules the botanical world and protects apple trees. The POMONE brand was founded in 2010 by Florence Sellin, a scientist and chemical engineer with extensive experience in the development of cosmetic products for major international brands. The founder of the company has a special connection with Normandy, a region of France known for growing apples and manufacturing cider. It is this culture of harnessing the potential of the apple – the emblematic fruit of this beautiful region – that drives and motivates the POMONE Paris project.
POMONE Paris products are available in the United Arab Emirates at the GIGI Concept Store in the Galleria Mall. 

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