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Foreo Festive Gifts for the Well-Groomed Gentleman

Foreo Festive Gifts for the Well-Groomed Gentleman

Thursday, November 18, 2021 / Editor    

November 18, 2021:  With the increasing number of men becoming invested in their grooming and self-care regimens, the perfect holiday gift is simple with Swedish Skincare brand FOREO. Whether he is clean-shaven, bearded or looking for premium dental care, FOREO has put together a sleek and smart festive gift guide that will keep every man looking and feeling their absolute best.

LUNA 3 MEN - 950 AED
Possibly one of the best grooming gadgets any man can ask for, LUNA 3 MEN is a must-have in every man’s skincare routine. Specifically designed for men’s rougher skin and beards, LUNA 3 MEN uses T-Sonic Pulsations through soft silicone bristles to deeply cleanse built up oil and dirt from the busy man’s work day. The 3-in-1 device is engineered to prep skin for a clean and comfortable shave while also offering an energizing, firming massage. LUNA 3 MEN will take care of all of his grooming woes, leaving him with a smooth and clean complexion.


LUNA go for MEN - 490 AED
FOREO LUNA Go for MEN makes grooming simple for the busy man to keep his skin in tip-top condition. Using T-sonic pulsations and soft silicone bristles, the sleek device gently yet deeply removes dirt, oil and dead skin cells from the skin. Did we mention the smart cleansing device is designed to be transportable, meaning a clean and radiant complexion is always possible no matter where he is.


ISSA 2 - 750 AED
There's a lot of things that every man will love about this sleek, smart toothbrush. For starters, ISSA 2 silicone bristols harbour less bacteria than a regular toothbrush - keeping his teeth bright and polished all day long while effectively cleaning the teeth and gums. The smart, sonic toothbrush is also waterproof and lasts 365 days on a single charge. Once he uses ISSA 2, he’ll never go back to conventional toothbrushes!

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