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IXORA Unveils their First ‘Certified Organic' Facial Treatments in Dubai

IXORA Unveils their First ‘Certified Organic' Facial Treatments in Dubai

Tuesday, August 24, 2021 / Editor    
August 24, 2021: Enriched with the purity of nature ingredients and a passion for perfection, IXORA was born to provide revolutionary organic beauty experiences and the new ‘certified organic facials’ now available at The Dubai Festival City Mall are no exception. 
With years of exceptional expertise in organic cosmetics and a rich heritage, IXORA was able to curate a menu of organic facials which will leave your skin rejuvenated and radiant with a healthy, pampered glow. Each facial will come to life with a mix of IXORA products, tailored to your personal skin needs for incomparable results. Following your consultation, your journey of relaxation will begin in the brand-new treatment room.
IXORA has gained recognition amongst clientele with sensitive skin or those taking acne medications, along with pregnant women or those interested in natural/organic skin care products. 
As a brand, IXORA places significant importance on working with exceptional quality ingredients, along with maximum concentration of organic botanical extracts, to elevate and lead the beauty industry with luxury products which natural and effective. At the forefront of IXORA as a brand, is their commitment to only using cruelty-free production and sourcing methods as they strive to have products which are free from any harmful or controversial ingredients. This allows IXORA to meet the highest global standards of organic certification, COSMOS* organic.
IXORA They offer a variety of treatments; each one has different benefits and the prices varies from AED150 for 30 minutes up to AED400 for 75 minutes treatments:
The Intensive Organic Lift Facial
400 AED – 75 minutes
The power of Frankincense and herbal extract combined with special lifting massage, will give you a natural lifting look, reducing the appearance of fine lines and giving your skin the glow it deserves.
The Anti-Aging and Defining Facial
400 AED – 75 minutes
Using modern massage techniques to rebuild the structure, texture and tone of the skin this treatment will reduce the appearance of fine and deep lines and give back your youthful glow!
Rescue Treatment
300 AED – 60 minutes
This gentle, yet effective treatment pampers, as well as reduces and calms inflamed skin. Aloe Vera, Black Oat and Trehalose will put an end to skin stress by calming, healing, and locking in moisture.
Acne Saviour
300 AED – 60 minutes
A technical and intense Acne clarifying treatment teamed with a combination of ingredients such as Tea tree and Sulfur thoroughly cleanse the skin to unblock follicles, eliminate bacteria and purify skin cells.
Nurturing treatment
300 AED – 60 minutes
Our Nurturing treatment is perfect for tired, dry and dull skin in need of moisture. With its ability to improve dry and flaky skin Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond and Shea Butter will deeply nourish depleted skin. Vitamin E, super antioxidant will keep Free Radicals at bay!
Deep Cleaning and Detox treatment
300 AED – 60 minutes
Press the re-set button and remove all impurities, pollutants, excess oils and dead skin cells in one magical facial.
The Mascne Soother
150 AED – 30 minutes
Our Mascne Soother treatment focuses on exfoliation and extractions on the lower face ending with a cool mint and clay mask to absorb any dirt from your pores.
The Organic Start
150 AED – 30 minutes
Introduce your skin to the power of nature enhanced with modern science in a quick customised 30-minute facial to ensure balanced, hydrated and glowing skin!
*COSMOS Organic
COSMOS (COSMetic Organic Standard) was founded in 2002 by five major organic and natural cosmetics certification bodies to harmonize European guidelines for natural and organic cosmetics. This has now become a global standard in Organic beauty.
The main principles of the COSMOS standard include:
• Supporting the use of organic and natural ingredients
• Promoting the use of ingredients from organic farms
• Respecting biodiversity and using natural sources responsibly
• Using ethical and clean processing to respect the environment and human health
• Promoting ‘Green Chemistry’ instead of harsh synthetic chemicals
• Transparency to consumers about products and ingredients
Ixora is proud to uphold all these standards and provide quality, sustainable, certified organic products.
'' I am free from ''
1. Sulfate
2. Synthetic perfume
3. Paraben
4. Silicone
5. Paraffin
6. Synthetic Coloring
7. Petroleum jelly
8. Petroleum oil
free from over 1.500 chemical ingredients

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