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“CATRICE” New Year, Clean (Beauty) You!

“CATRICE” New Year, Clean (Beauty) You!

Wednesday, February 10, 2021 / Editor    
United Arab Emirates -  February 10, 2021:   Have you ever checked whether the products you were buying were clean? What are you waiting for? 2021 is here – allow us to help you build a new you by starting a cleaner beauty routine with CATRICE SS21. With great respect towards the environment, CATRICE developed a range of Clean Beauty products focusing on offering “people and planet friendly” solutions free of harmless ingredients.  
GOOD TO KNOW: There is no universal definition of Clean Beauty in the cosmetics industry: each brand defines its own standards and every country also has different requirements. Our definition of Clean Beauty at CATRICE is strict because we want to make a real difference. 
Therefore, all products with our Clean Beauty label ... 
• contain completely harmless ingredients (among other things, we forego PEGs, parabens, volatile silicones, microplastic particles and certain dyes) 
• avoid animal ingredients as far as possible 
• have a high proportion of natural substances, as few ingredients as possible overall and support the sustainable cultivation of palm oil. 
We are even stricter with our Clean Beauty PLUS products, such as the Clean ID collection. Products that meet our Clean Beauty PLUS standards ... 
• are 100 % vegan. 
• contain at least 75 % natural ingredients 
• have an even shorter list of ingredients 
• in addition to the substances on the Clean Beauty banned substance list (see above), they do not contain silicones of any kind, mineral oil or mineral oil-based substances, raw materials of exotic origin, fragrances that must be declared, acrylate polymers and other non-degradable polymers. 
Let’s take you through some of CATRICE favorites, and you be the judge! 
If you’re looking for a way to make your skin smoother in your daily beauty routine, try our vegan CATRICE PORE MINIMIZING SERUM with 10% niacinamide! This liquid serum, suitable for oily and combination skin, visibly reduces the pores and regulates the skin sebum content* for a refined and matte result. 
CATRICE CLEAN ID MINERAL EYESHADOW PALETTE – consisting of 91% natural ingredients – is definitely one of our favorite products of the CATRICE SS21 collection. Available in two color schemes, these palettes are free of silicones and microplastic particles and they offer a range of highly pigmented warm, matte and shimmery shades.  
Are you looking for a perfect finish to your eye make-up? Thanks to its flexible and fine brush, our 24H BRUSH LINER can be applied on the lash line in a super accurate way and its formula is made to last 24 hours! The formula is also free of parabens, microplastic particles and PEGs. 
It is available in a waterproof version too, perfect for a long day at work as well as a dinner out with the girls. 
And lastly, the only thing that is missing for an everyday look is a perfect flawless and natural finish with the CATRICE PORELESS PERFECTION POWDER. The pressed powder is available with a universal shade to mattify and refine the appearance of any type of skin tone. 
Now you’re ready to start your cleaner (beauty) days! 

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