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Stay Safe, Stay Sleighin'!

Stay Safe, Stay Sleighin'!

Thursday, December 10, 2020 / Editor    

United Arab Emirates -  December 10, 2020:   Tis’ the season to bring some colour and happiness back into this very difficult year! We know it has been tough for everyone and a lot of time spent at home browsing through your old outing pictures! It’s okay, we know because we did that too, so we are sure you can’t wait to go from your quarantine look to your quaran-QUEEN look! Here are 5 of our favourite go to holiday goodies!

Let’s start off by giving you the perfect eye trio! This year may not have been perfect but we will make sure your eyeliner is, with our fine brushed “24ever ink liner” and “maximum DEFINITION waterproof volume mascara”, even if the Christmas snow comes down, you won’t have a merry worry in the world thanks to its waterproof formula.


To compliment the shining Christmas lights, we offer you “the NUDE edition” eyeshadow palette. You can play with nine very pigmented but easy to blend shades, soft neutral tones to matte and entrancing pearly effects!


As for the face, spending a majority of this year at home is bound to wash away that perfect bronzy tan, and this winter is not being a helpful elf! So we offer you, “the blush”, It feels SO soft and looks more natural. So many shades to choose from, each bring back colour to your beautiful face!


As much as we love the wintery holidays, the cold can be very harsh to our skin, and our make-up too. So instead of baking cookies, bake your face with “my SKIN PERFECTOR loose fixing powder”.

This powder absorbs all oils on your face and leaves a smooth matt complexion. Its tinted formula makes it suitable for all skin types.


Our masks barely leave our faces nowadays, however that doesn’t mean you can’t look glam with our vegan “STAY 8h MATTE” liquid lipstick. Our pick for the holidays is the shade “Bite me if you can” that comes in a beautiful deep red color, because you can enjoy munching on the holiday dessert without smudging this very mattifying lipstick!




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