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Fan Mania Brings Disney Beauty to the Middle East – Introducing Mad Beauty

Fan Mania Brings Disney Beauty to the Middle East – Introducing Mad Beauty

Wednesday, August 12, 2020 / Editor    

Your Favorite Disney Princesses Are Here To Pamper You!

August 12, 2020, Dubai, United Arab Emirates:  Calling all the Disney lovers out there, there’s a new brand in town to turn those ‘Once Upon A Time’ to ‘Happily Ever Afters’! Middle East’s largest Disney merchandise distributor, Fan Mania, brings one of the UK’s much-loved novelty bath, body and cosmetic beauty label, MAD Beauty to the Middle East. MAD Beauty is a quirky and innovative label that is known for making cosmetics fun – through their eclectic and themed packaging, backed up with all the essential formulas for your skin. These unique products are the perfect addition to your vanity kit or even a fun gifting option for the special ones in your life!

Becoming a Disney princess just got a whole lot easier. Skip heading to Disneyland for a makeover, you can do everything right in your own home with a little less makeup and hairspray, and more face masks and lip balms. Everything you need to give your skin the glow it deserves, MAD Beauty is here for you!  From bath crackers and fizzers to cosmetic pouches and headbands, these beauty essentials are for those that choose to stay young at heart!


The MAD Beauty brand has been around for over 20 years, bringing several novelty themed beauty essentials with a trickling sense of nostalgia through their Never Too Old For™ ranges featuring Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Hello Kitty, Barbie & Friends collection. Providing exciting year-round gifting opportunities to keep shoppers coming back for more!


Fan Mania being the region’s largest and most trusted Disney licensee partner, brings to the Middle East MAD Beauty’s Princesses collection, featuring some of the most iconic & inspirational characters from the Disney staple. The collection includes their popular sheet masks, each with a beauty purpose, packed in renowned characters such as Jasmine, Aurora, Belle & Ariel - a whole story book of face mask delights. While Jasmine is infused with antioxidant green tea to replenish and revitalise, Belle infused with rose water for healthy glowing skin, Aurora infused with lavender to relax and calm your skin and Ariel infused with cucumber to cool, moisturise and hydrate, these themed sheet masks are bound to leave your skin feeling refreshed all day long. 

The collection also includes their signature lip balm sets, that comes in a set of three signature flavours, vanilla, strawberry and grape, all signifying an element of each Disney princesses – it’s time to pucker up!

MAD Beauty also stocks up more than just skincare essentials, for those that are in need of a total beauty ritual overhaul. Whether it’s terry cloth headbands to keep your hair away from your face while having your mask on, all the way to their super unique cosmetic pouches to fill up with other beauty goodies, grab these essentials to set yourself for a perfect beauty regime.
Fan Mania’s operations include providing a world-wide distribution network of some the most exclusive and exciting Disney-themed merchandise with their head offices situated in the UAE and a distribution hub in Saudi Arabia. Fan Mania aims to bring many other brands, apart from MAD Beauty, in the coming months and provide consumers with fun and innovative products with an easy access.
One can shop their essentials now at and will soon be available across key regional stores along with online platforms including and soon!

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