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Catrice Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

Catrice Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

Thursday, June 11, 2020 / Editor    

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 11, 2020:   Colour and trend diversity, luxurious formulas and innovative beauty products with high-quality ingredients – all this is offered in the new CATRICE update for spring and summer 2020. 

CATRICE is conquering three major trend worlds:

In order to underline the unique beauty of each individual, 
CATRICE is relying on INSTANT NATURAL PERFECTION & INGREDIENTS next season and is presenting products that help every beauty lover naturally underline his or her personal advantages.

STRONG PERFORMANCE offers products that convince in every life situation with unbeatable durability and high efficiency and are sure to withstand all challenges. 

CATRICE also provides a selection of SURPRISE EFFECTS & COLOURS & FINISHES for those who love beauty news with surprising properties. 
Natural Beauty, Performance and Beauty Surprises – by CATRICE.

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