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Meet the a La Rose Fragrances by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Meet the a La Rose Fragrances by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 / Editor    

 United Arab Emirates -  April 07, 2021:  
À la rose has the crisp tenderness of rose petals, a whimsical free-spirited style and an elegance that radiates femininity. It is a declaration of love for all women captured in a fragrance. Queen of flowers, the rose knows no boundaries and has inspired those in the creative arts since the dawn of time. Poets, painters, musicians... and perfumers alike. All have sought to capture its aura, its magic and its secrets.
Two varieties of rose have bestowed the radiance and richness of their petals on this Eau de parfum: 250 Centifolia roses from Grasse produce a very floral base note with sweet honeyed and carnal accents. 150 Damascena roses from Bulgaria create a top note with a playful blend of pear and lychee.
In 2019, Francis Kurkdjian has imagined a new emotion with the creation of the eau de toilette variation. Like the touch of rose petals gathered at daybreak, L’eau À la Rose unfolds on the skin with a delicate floral freshness. A drop of perfumed water reflecting a bouquet of four hundred freshly bloomed roses.
To compose L’eau À la Rose, a fruity floral eau de toilette, Francis Kurkdjian has chosen two sorts of roses from two origins. Damascena rose oil from Bulgaria offers its fruity note, slightly spicy and fruity for a blooming top note. On the base note, centifolia rose absolute from Grasse gives its generous rosy floral note.
This duo of roses has been magnified thanks to a green and airy freshness peony accord and above all a lychee top note adding fruity and tangy facets. The white musks convey a sensual and light enveloping effect.
Even though l’eau À la rose is an eau de toilette, Francis Kurkdjian has given greater importance to rose in his formula, practically doubling its proportions. As a result, l’eau À la rose has a long lasting sillage.
A simple name for multi-layered story - the mysteries of Francis Kurkdjian’s inspiration are more complex than they seem, L’Homme À la rose, is a creation that echoes his quest for modern, ever-evolving perfumery. Perfumery which shakes up age-old rules, habits and conventions. In this composition we find his endless and always welcome freedom to create, his unique personal style, and the hallmarks of this creative Maison bearing his own signature.
Known since ancient times and included in the perfumer’s palette since the very beginning of his career, rose is more often featured in women’s fragrances where it is used alone or in conjunction with other ingredients. L’Homme A La Rose is a rose-scented fragrance for men, fresh and radiant with strong diffusion properties. A signature rose you can’t miss.
L’Homme À La Rose is a woody floral eau de parfum. In the first few seconds, very fresh, green and bursting notes paired with a grapefruit accord and essence of Damask rose from Bulgaria create a sensation of natural vitality. Then come the middle notes of a rosy, very woody accord which brings the fragrance verticality, gradually enhanced by the woody amber base notes which infuse the sillage with sensuality.
A La Rose | 70ml | 910 aed
L’Eau A La Rose | 70ml | 730 aed
L’Homme A La Rose | 70ml | 910 aed


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