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Experience Spring Scents with BALMESSENCE

Experience Spring Scents with BALMESSENCE

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 / Editor    

United Arab Emirates -  February 24, 2021:   In Dubai, spring comes with rising temperatures and a soft reminder of the harsh summer ahead – we still do have an uplifting spring mood though! 

The character of spring fragrances are, therefore, different from normal European climates. A combination of spring fresh, aquatic or floral notes with spicy, woody or gourmand notes is ideal.  Fresh or floral fragrance with the twist of intense notes is a perfectly fragrant fit for a warm, Middle Eastern spring. 
Here are Balmessence’s Middle Eastern Spring Fragrance picks:
1. Jardin De Giverny – Iris Perfume by Arte Profumi - This is a floral fragrance but with woody, fresh and rosy notes. Iris makes it a bit powdery at the base. A great artistic spring fragrance for ladies. 
2. Chrystal Love by Attar Collection - Perfect oriental spring mood reflection, for ladies. Fruits, rose mixed with white chocolate, white musk and tonka beans- floral, a warm, romantic, sensual cocktail. 
3. Bois d’Oud by Detaille 1905 - A combination of oud with fresh notes make this fragrance a lighter version than most oud fragrances. It is enhanced with saffron, Moroccan cedar and floral notes. True unisex. Wear it morning, day and even at night. 
4. N.7 Le Sel de la Terre by Thomas Kosmala - Zesty and full of life. A fruity, earthy and crisp fragrance. Aquatic and lemony notes mixed with musk and bergamot. Unisex.  
5. N 5 by Rosendo Mateu – An exotic floral oriental fragrance with spicy notes, and an amber-musk-vanilla trio.  Elegance and sensuality in one fragrance. Unisex. 
6. Oud Al Sahraa by BERDOUES - This is a fresh and warm oud fragrance, elegant and unisex. Oud wood, myrrh and mandarin make an unusual and sensual combination. 

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