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Celebrating Ajmal's 70th Anniversary With Aristocrat Platinum Eau De Parfum

Celebrating Ajmal's 70th Anniversary With Aristocrat Platinum Eau De Parfum

Wednesday, February 10, 2021 / Editor    

United Arab Emirates -  February 10, 2021:   Ajmal’s founding father, the late Haji Ajmal’s inspired journey takes you through his story of a ‘farmer to a perfumer’ who built his empire on the intricate art of perfumery,  that many have come to love and admire over 7 decades. 

Ajmal (whose name means “most beautiful” in Arabic) celebrates its 70th Anniversary, and to commemorate this journey, Ajmal has launched their latest fragrance Aristocrat Platinum Eau De Parfum, embodying the memories and success garnered over the last 70 years. 

Aristocrat Platinum is a sophisticated fragrance for the modern aristocrats, who demands their presence felt and statement made. It is the new age “his and hers” fragrance that embodies luxury, with a lasting bold imprint. It is not defined as an evening or day fragrance, but as a fragrance of mood, with spicy citrus top notes of lemon and pepper, a floral heart of Jasmine and rose, and settled on a foundation of leather accord, bound by the perfect Ajmal Oudh touch.

TOP: Spicy Citrus
Lemon, Pepper

HEART: Floral
Jasmine, Rose

BASE: Woody Oudh
Vetiver, Leather Accord, Oudh

Celebrating the 70th Anniversary and launch of Aristocrat Platinum, Deputy C.O.O. Abdulla Ajmal said “Aristocrat Platinum is a fragrance created for the new age, well-travelled individuals, constantly evolving, discerning between the ordinary and extraordinary. It is designed for those who command the room. This is the fragrance of choice”

Aristocrat Platinum will be launched during first week of February 2021. Shop the fragrance at Ajmal Retail stores and eCommerce platform across the GCC.    

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